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I've always dreamed of being a first responder and that dream has come to fruition.  I started O1R Customs because I started playing around with engraving on my days off and realized that I can create things that not only help me, but can help others in any profession.  
Being someone who likes to work, I'm a Realtor, Paramedic (to-be) and own this business.  Between all three, I wanted to create a forum and shop that can encompass all aspects of both professions and create products that show appreciation or assist in doing your job!  O1R Customs is here to help with your projects and ideas to make your job easier or help you show appreciation to those you care about!

Laser Cutting

Standard Engraving

Set-up Fee - $25 (One-Time)

Price is dependent on material to engrave, depth, size.  

Standard Line Text is $0.50 per character.

Contact me for bulk order pricing!


Standard Lichtenburg

Pricing is billed per minute of burning.

Per minute cost = $1.50

Typical cutting board is approximately 30-45 minutes of burning.

Contact me for personalized pricing!

Carpenter at Work


Pricing available upon request.  

Contact me with your idea/design to obtain a quote!

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