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O1R Customs - Custom Products

This all started as a hobby for me.  Between being a Realtor and a Paramedic, I started doing some woodworking, laser engraving, and Litchenberg Fractal wood burning for fun.  Slowly it's turned into a business and now I'm taking orders for custom products!

Woodwork & Fractal Burning

One of the things that I love to do is woodworking 

and fractal burning.  Fractal burning is a technique where a Lichtenberg (lightning bolt look) figure is burnt into wood using high voltage electricity.

Litchenberg Fractal Burning
Modern Architecture

Laser Engraving

I started with a CO2 Laser with small leather and wood products, but wanted to be able to engrave on metals, rock, stone, etc.  I upgraded to a Fiber Laser which allows me to engrave guns, coins, cards, bottle openers, etc.  I absolutely love being able to engrave anything!  I can do all custom orders!

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